Ukulele Classes

Looking for a fun and fulfilling activity for your community group?

Look no further.

Our music classes are for you.

So you think you can't play a musical instrument?

Yes you can. Never say never.

Start a ukulele group with us.

Learn to play Red & White

Yes we'll be learning how to play that song in our classes.

Our sessions are geared towards complete beginners with the object of having you playing (and singing if you wish), in no time at all.

Never done this before? Don't worry.

Left handed? Don't worry.

No confidence? Don't worry.

No instrument? Don't worry.

At our classes we provide the instruments, and quickly teach you a few simple chords so you can be up and running as the entertainer you always wanted to be. It really is that simple.

Sessions can be arranged for any age groups at a time and schedule to meet your needs.

Available for church groups, community groups, coffee mornings etc. etc. etc.

Read on for our one-time event at your party or function, where we supply the instruments and in a very short time have your friends and guests singing and playing along with some of your favourite songs.

Learn Red & White and liven up your own it for your parents, play it for your grandparents, play it for the grandkids.

Supported in part by GENTOO Andy: 0752 358 6375